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Istar Kayusu

Oftentimes the most simple solution is whack it with a hammer. I wish there were more scientific answers to that kind of thing but sometimes after a good whack whack, it suddenly works, and that's helpful enough for me.
— Istar Kayusu
Well known for his very eclectic approach to magical study, Istar Kayusu is the Keeper of Wind and current Ward Inspector. A Smeloplar hailing from the technological hub of Sunport on the world of Orkanis. His adoption of the "mad scientist" aesthetic might make him seem untrustworthy, but he's arguably one of the most trusted individuals in the Sunless City.  

Appearance and Equipment

Istar Kayusu is a smeloplar, and that means he is of rather short height considering his age. He has long pointed ears and he is rather thin considering his height. As far as clothing is concerned, he likes to wear business attire, but always adds some kind of colourful flair to it, such as a vibrant tie or a warm-coloured shirt underneath his light blue suit. He is almost always encountered carrying a clipboard and a pen, as though he expects to find some scientific marvel at any moment. At his belt is kept a small pistol, a memento of his youth that could come in handy in a bad situation.  

Personal History

Istar was born in the family of a disgraced scientist in Sunport. He had to deal with quite a bit of hardship, making little wooden gadgets to help keep his family out of poverty. That meant he constantly was thinking up new designs and new methods of woodworking, continuing his family's history of invention. He even made enough extra money to eventually pay for a couple of courses at the Zagran Academy in the city, where he began to experiment with new methods of artifact creation.   That was when he was posted to help with the Factory where the weapons of the Sunport Riflemen are crafted. It was there, while helping plan out a new assembly room, that some workers working on another part of the complex reported a damaged assembly line. When he went to investigate, the Cube of Wind was right there, beckoning him to bond with it.   This was nearly fifty years ago. In the many years since, Istar moved his work to Limbo, working on making improvements to the enchantment of firearms, his preferred weapon. After a while, his hands began to be less dextrous when weaving the charms, so he let assistants do the work and "retired" to work at something that would be more of an intellectual exercise: the constant upkeep and improvement of the Argent Wards. When he is not at his home, he spends his hours working on the many rituals and inspections required to keep the Sunless City safe from the surrounding storms and poisonous air.
Currently Held Titles
Current Residence
Green and squinting.
Dyed grey and kept in loose buns.
4' 1"
26 kg
Aligned Organization


Many see Istar as just another eccentric academic, but many of them have not truly met him. While he is, yes, rather scatter-brained sometimes and takes strange risks, rest assured that he has everything under control. He has never once failed at a challenge or puzzle that he has taken on personally, and he has the determination and will to see any project to its successful conclusion or find someone else who can.

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