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The Sunport Riflemen

The loud sounds of thunder roll across the plain early in the morning. You were waken from your slumber quite rudely this morning, along with a few other folks in the cheap inn at the edge of Sunport. You climb out of bed and go outside to see what the commotion is about.   You're about to head out the front door of the inn, cloak in hand, when the innkeeper rolls her eyes. "It's just the Riflemen practicing." she half-mutters in reaction to your stunned expression. "They do this every month, to the annoyance of literally everyone." While you had heard stories of the black powder rifles that the smeloplar of Sunport are famous for, you never thought you'd ever see or hear one. You scamper out the door, adamant on getting a glimpse to add to your growing list of experiences.
The invention of gunpowder has begun to transform the way that the peoples of Sedesta handle warfare. Nowhere is this more true than in the city of Sunport, home to the largest population of smeloplar than any other Lorian city. Here, the most advanced weaponry on the continent is constantly being churned out of the city's Factories, and the Sunport Riflemen are a prime example of that innovation in action.  

Recruitment and Training

The city follows the same pattern of mandatory conscription that the rest of the Kingdom of Loria follows. Because many smeloplar and neighbouring weddelar from the city and the nearby area are conscripted, they naturally want to continue using weapons that they are familiar with or have an interest in wielding. Since the smeloplar of the city are credited with the invention of the current firearms that the Riflemen are known for, many end up using this weapon, although Lorian tepilar and other ethnic groups also form an integral part of the formation.   Anyone in the unit is given a very thorough training in the rifle used by the formation. They are carefully instructed in the proper cleaning, handling, loading, aiming and firing of the weapon, as well as being given information about the upkeep of the black powder that keeps the weapon working. It is only after they can clearly demonstrate knowledge of these skills without help that they are given the signature blue cap and uniform of the unit.  


As can be gleamed from the above section, smeloplar and weddelar wielding firearms have existed as part of the Lorian Army for quite a long chunk of the current Era. However, they were always lumped in with other archery units for training, despite the clear differences in upkeep and capabilities. It was only about twenty-five years ago that the Lorian Army set up a separate training program and a name for the unit, establishing it as a separate division of the army from the rest of its ranged formations.
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sunport riflemen.jpg
Example of a soldier in the Sunport Riflemen.  

Recent Conflicts

The Riflemen are usually only rolled out for local conflicts, as the logistics of keeping the black powder for their weapons secure and dry is still rather difficult for the Lorian army. That being said, recent border clashes with the Republic of De’ari-Bomsi have given them the opportunity to showcase their prowess with their weapons.

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