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Written by EmperorCharlesII

Great powerful engines send off a shower of sparks. The heat is unbearable, but Virtue is doing just fine. Thank the Free Ones that the vileshlar kept their fire resistance over the centuries; he’s going to need it for this job!   “It’s right in there!” the delightful gnome said, pointing at the main column of the engine. “There must be a loose gear somewhere in there!” He had to shout to be heard over the rhythmic clanging of the other four engines as they provided power to the city of Zatas.   “Don’t worry about it, my little fellow.” Virtue said with a smirk. “I’ve been to hell and back, as you can tell. I’ve never been burned yet.” He gestured generally at his horns and demonic eyes.   Virtue cracked his knuckles, opened up his tool box, and took out Betha, his favourite wrench. After taking in one last breath of the steamy air of the Factory, he crawled into the steam engine.  


The smeloplar population of Orkanis were the first to consider the idea of mass production. While they weren’t the first to put it into practice - the tepilar are responsible for that - they put together a lot of the basic technology to do so, inventing the various gears, cogs and machinery involved.


Mass production have led to a remarkable change in the cities, where streets are now lit at night via electricity and some heating has made life more comfortable for the wealthy. The average rural person in Orkanis, however, still has not felt the usefulness of this new technology.


The basis of every Factory is the steam engine, which produces electrical current. Many of these places have multiple such engines, allowing them to make enough output to light a city or produce all kinds of items.
Access & Availability
The use of industrialization hasn’t completely enveloped Orkanis as of yet, with Quempo and Britaxia being still newcomers in this field. Only the most heavily industrialized cities have been transformed by it; cities like Pilash and Solas in particular are now completely different towns than they were just a century ago.
Machinery and industrial production are still in their infancy in Orkanis; most factories consist of large steam-peered generators that are then used mostly for lighting and the occasional production of armaments. Those looking to run or replicate this technology need to be well-versed and educated in engineering, and even then the parts are often expensive.
Art Credit: emperorcharlesii (me!)

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