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Endaman Representative

It has come to the attention of the Council that no representatives from the world of Endaman sit among us at our discussions. No one speaks for them at our meetings, and no one champions their rights and protections under the laws of the Multiverse.   For that reason, effective immediately, Yantar Asarus of the Hayim has been appointed to the re-established position of Endaman Representative. May the luck of the Multiverse favour him in his new position.   ~ A Seven missive
The Endaman Representative is one of the most talked-about positions within the hierarchy of the Seven. Brought back from the past of the organization following the death of Darstel Palókk several years ago, the position comes at a tumultuous time in the Seven. Some find it to be pandering; others call it a step towards democracy. Either way, it has dramatically shaped the current politics of the Seven.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Endaman Representative's powers are a little vague due to the novelty of the position as well as advisory role that the Representative plays. Combine that with the byzantine bureaucracy of the Seven and it is no surprise that there are misconceptions about the post. Officially, the Endaman Representative has the following duties:
  • Be a local person-resource for all knowledge relating to the world of Endaman. With none of the Council of the Keepers being native to that world, they do not know the customs, politics, or geography of that world beyond a cursory level, or only through academic interest. Having a representative of that world who can explain the Gratic Empire or the structure of the Hayim religion is an important asset.
  • Represent the hopes and fears of the people of Endaman. The Seven having such a universal viewpoint, they might not take the reactions of the nations of Endaman into consideration. Having someone who knows those dreams and concerns first-hand, the Representative would be ideally placed to address them.
  • Co-ordinate the collection, translation and documentation of Endaman's books, stories and cultural traditions. The Seven are deeply aware that their battle with the mutliverse's demons has not always gone perfectly, and places like Dreandril have seen peoples disappear before they could be documented. While the three nations of Endaman are fairly stable, that could change in an instant, and the Gratic Empire has been known to destroy evidence of earlier cultures after conquering them. The Endaman Representative has the task of organizing the effort to collect all this cultural material before it cannot be replaced.

Criticisms and Recent History

There used to be Representatives from each major nation of Renath in the early days of the organization. That allowed the Seven to carefully protect the entirety of the world without neglecting any one of its parts. Once the guild expanded to Dreandril, though, the hundreds of required positions became too cumbersome to handle and the system was scrapped. The appointment of Yantar Asarus to the role was the first time that this had happened in two centuries.   This drew a few loud criticisms from both within and outside the Argent Wards. Many mages were unhappy with the choice of a Hayim man as the Representative considering that the majority of people from Endaman are of Gratic ancestry. Others wonder why Endaman is special enough to get a Representative but other worlds continued to have to send their concerns through the already-overwhelmed Keepers.   Others praised the decision, claiming it to be a step towards a democratic handling of interplanetary affairs. Having a Representative for the planet was seen as a step towards ensuring the equality of all worlds under the Seven. It also gave more Endamian mages a reason to see the Seven as an important organization in the Multiverse.
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"Why do the Endamians get a Representative while we Terrans get only a reclusive Keeper? It sounds like some kind of favouritism to me..."   ~ an anonymous mage in the Multiverse Review

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