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AG: Today, we have a particularly interesting guest. I've been able to get permission to interview one of the many anonymous Testers who help administer the, well, you-know-what.
— Article in the Multiverse Review
The Gauntlet is an incredibly complex and difficult examination, and the Testers are the people who administer it. Because of the secrecy surrounding the Gauntlet itself, very little is known about the Testers themselves. In an attempt to prevent an unfair advantage during the test, the Testers are kept anonymous and their true profession is a mystery to everyone.  

Appointment and Qualifications

AG: So, how does one get hired into your profession? There must be something that tells you that you now work for those who lay down the Gauntlet, as it were?   Tester: We are tested before we do the testing.   AG: That is rather cryptic but I'm sure you mean that there's an examination or test of some kind? Some way, surely, for the Seven to know who is best suited to the task of bringing out the best of the next generation of mages?   Tester: Perhaps.
The only thing that is known about the hiring qualifications of a Tester is that they are often educators and are relatively private individuals so that they can easily disappear from any social engagements to administer the Gauntlet. A form of test is given to make sure that a Tester is prepared for the task before they are actually trained in the variables and creation of the Guantlet's testing environment. Of course, exceptional care is taken to make sure that someone does not know who is a Tester, so anyone taking the Tester Examination does so in a private location where they cannot see who is giving the exam or, should they not pass, what they were exactly tested for.
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Work Environment

No one really knows where the Gauntlet is given to Apprentices and what it is like to work as a Tester except for the brief glimpse they got when they did the Gauntlet. It appears, from statements stored in the Scalegrey Institute, that the experience of meeting the Testers after the Gauntlet is a very normal experience and a kindness extended by the Testers. How they create the experience of the Gauntlet and what they are doing when they are not testing people is unknown.
AG: What can you say about the Gauntlet for us laypeople?   Tester: That's classified information.   AG: You know what? That's fair.

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