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The Return of Xernar

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The Magic Multiverse
May 2018 | Full
The Gratic Empire has slowly suffered under the weight of its own outdated and byzantine bureaucracy. Its provinces are fractured and bickering over resources, and powerful bandit chiefs line their own pockets at the expense of the common populace. And in the darkness, an evil from time immemorial is planning its return, biding its time...

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Sessions Archive

13th Nov 2019

Session 22

The players arrive in Eleikar Town and begin to investigate the area for clues to Jonitan Kilas's whereabouts...

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31st Aug 2019

Session 21

The party continues their exploration of the Undercity, searching for the cause of the feral drakelings...

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26th Aug 2019

Session 20

The party arrives in Losgate to find that a disease has afflicted the town, tied to the canal water...

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22nd Feb 2019

Session 19

The party continues their assault on the pirate base

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15th Feb 2019

Session 18

The party arrives at Losgate and prepares themselves for attack...

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2nd Jan 2019

Session 17

The party begins the trek into the Schinter Valley and searches for pirates...

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14th Dec 2018

Session 16

After defeating the Deranti Bandits and freeing Daz's troupe, the party regroup in Ashton...

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14th Sep 2018

Session 15

After a monumental battle with the bandits of the Deranti Forest, the party searches for Daz's troupe, if they're still alive...

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29th Aug 2018

Session 14

The party begins their assault on the bandit's main base...

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22nd Aug 2018

Session 13

Armed with new information, the party delves deeper into the forest...

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15th Aug 2018

Session 12

The party begins searching the Deranti Forest for the bandits and Meti...

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8th Aug 2018

Session 11

The party learns of recent bandit activity and decides to investigate...

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1st Aug 2018

Session 10

The party completes their conquest of the villa and returns to the capital...

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25th Jul 2018

Session 9

The party continues their exploration of the ruined villa and its evils...

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18th Jul 2018

Session 8

Having completed their task for the Stalwart Shield, the party decides their next course of action...

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11th Jul 2018

Session 7

The party explores the deep sewers under Gratic City, searching for answers...

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4th Jul 2018

Session 6

The party begins to explore Gratic City and its environs in search of adventure...

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20th Jun 2018

Session 5

The party starts the journey to the capital of the Gratic Empire, put the road is more perilous than they think...

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13th Jun 2018

Session 4

The party deals with threats in the mines and in the town above.

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7th Jun 2018

Session 3

The party deals with a local group of bandits and discovers a regional conspiracy...

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30th May 2018

Session 2

The adventurers get out of jail and try to figure out who was responsible for the market attack

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The Protagonists

Gúrda Thérun

Pars Balgûresh

Daz Dromégar

Geort Adanar

Melé Alkabahar