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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2022

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Α food that marks a rite of passage for a culture in your world
A total of 326 entries

Betrothal of Sultan and Sultana

Rhomberries and Kawaan Rituals

Chaos lizard's feast - Pilgrimage's End

The Drizzlydale Expulsion

Turtle Meat for the Pulan People

Toh-Pak Honeycake Ceremony

Initiation into the Isr Ybröak

Annual Hunt of the Quinta

Eyes of the Redback Bantheri

Xserolian Sweetvetch Balls

Elven Oath of Servitude Ceremony

Coming of Age - Horned Whiptail Kobold

The Yak'koli Candy Festival

The Zeko Cherry Smoked - Bosk or Siamadow

Trading with the Laurel Sumac

bison stew of the Halflings

The First Taste of Snikprime's Nectar

Angereicherter grüner Frostfisch

Warrior Caste initiation

Battle and Feast of the Calatrian Beast

Rite of the Familiar Mage

Izeas traditionella skaldjurs soppa

The Body of the Divine Scavenger

Skeleton Coast Pride-Coming of Age Ceremony

The Rancher's Cut: Wyrm Steak

bonecracker eggs served at wedding feats

risklin coming of being ritual

The First Taste of Picros

The summer leader exchange

Everlonged Hero's Butty

Meal for the Therapist Graduation

Shuwadashilim - The Comprehensive Elixir