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Uchucuta (oo-choo-coo-ta)

Uchucuta is a traveler's tradition that evolved to cope with the stringent laws on alcohol consumption.


Corn is viewed as a sacred crop. Therefore, the Innoit interpret drinking chicha as a form of communion between their ancestors and the gods with themselves. This is because the alcohol cushioned people from the pain of the cold, the sickness of altitude and even the fear of dying. Several ceremonies involve consuming such alcohol in ceremonial cups.   So it stands to reason that such drinks are unsuitable for regular consumption. It is official policy that alcoholic drinks are only to be drunk at special celebration in the year and no other times. However, over the course of Ca-Chisneu's rule, this has proven to be their most inconsequential law. In the early years, people simply ignored it and when innoit officials attempted to crack down, it belaboured government costs to enforce, instigated rebellions and corrupted their officials.



    It is not an easy thing to find a Chicharia on the road.
  1. Positive relations must be established on a personal level with a roadside community. This can take years.
  2. Afterwards, on the day wanting service, find a lone local near the roads (likely a herder) and ask ███████████
  3. Reputation is the crucial ticket in for cheap homebrews of variable quality.

Components and tools

Alcoholic Options

Chicha Source Description
Akha/Kusa Maize non-sweet and mellow with a nutty aftertaste
Cheno Quinoa nutty and coppery
Chichi Potatoes oily grainy flavour with hints of toffee
Tej Honey slightly tannic hit with the additional spice or herbs, and citrusy tastes
Mabi Sweet Potato initially sweet then changes to a prolonged bitter aftertaste
Nihamanchï Cassava opaque, dense and tastes like sour milk which can be flavored with various fruits
Wari Peanuts pulp creamy taste
Chañar Green Wood intense flavor with a slight hint of citrus highlighting a smoky flavor
P'usqu Oca taste like potatoes with sour cream and a slightly acidic flavor



A chicharia is not a place in and of itself. Rather it is a designation temporarily given over to a commoner's home along the Qhapaq Ñan. From there, a traveler in-the-know (pastoralists, chasquis, rouge merchants) can get theit fix on an illicit alcoholic beverage.


Hour of Spicy Food

Ca-Chisneu is the only city to openly have three permanent chicharias in the lower set of Hurin Chisneu. Catering specifically to workers fulfilling mit'a contracts.   They are at their busiest at the end of the working day to drink, otherwise forbidden, alcohol as a begrudged part of their government stipend.

Three-Day Chicharias

A family or household in a larger community has three days as a chicharia. They provide this service in their living room, before it would be passed along onto another.   This would continue on and on. The identity of every chicharia in the chain is carefully guarded as to not bring innoit law onto those households. Even the chicharias did not know who each other were.
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