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Plain dish

To the civilians of the Empire of Dercia , their legions do not always eat the best food and sometimes they will have to eat food the civilians would not even feed to a dying dog.    A common joke for recruits into the legions is that their parents warned them that the times of good food were over and they would have to eat some of the rancid food the chefs make.   They don't know that sometimes, the empire's legions voluntarily will force themself to eat a dish so vile it's said to have won a battle.


The history of the dish dates back to when the legions of Pearlhal made their way through the plains of Central Dercia, where some of the most brutal pitched battles took place during the First unification war.   According to the story surrounding the dish, it began after one legion whose name has long been forgotten had been advancing faster than their supply chain could keep up with. The legion ended up running out of food and other essential supplies, and that's what the enemy they were fighting had been waiting for so when the legion was just days from starvation the enemy gathered up their forces and lined them up on the battlefield being sure to win thanks to the state of the Dercian legion.   Because the soldiers needed something to eat if they were to engage the enemy the cooks and their staff emptied the legion's camp for anything edible and some of the staff brought some River Manchote without knowing what they were only that they could provide a small source of protein for the soldiers. The resulting dish is said to have tasted so vile that not even the legions war dogs would eat it but the soldiers ate it because they knew they needed something and this was better than entering a battle hungry.    According to some versions of the story the legion ended up winning the battle in others, both sides withdrew after several hours of not being able to route either side but the legions being superstitious believed that the victory was a result of the dish.   Over the years following the battle of Shagar  as the battle became known, and following the legion's return to more civilised areas the story of the victory and the reason for the victory became widespread and soon after fellow legions would adopt the dish as something to be served before a battle. The dish would also evolve as it spread to other legions but also people tried to make it more suited for civilians who could be a bit pickier when it came to their food. But the dish served for the legions today is still as terrible in taste as the original according to the legions.


According to the recipe of the original dish written down after the battle, all one has to do is get all one leftovers from one storage room or pantry and throw them into a boiling pot of water and let it boil for a number of hours.
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