"Children you are no more. Warriors you will become just as your ancestors were. We serve nature. We will survive. We will return Aedran back to the natural order."   ~ Unknown Razor Claw


As a child in the Razor Claw clan becomes a teenager, depending on their race, they start the process to becoming an adult. One part of that coming of age is the Mata, Animal Awakening in common. The Mata is where the young discovers if they have are moon touched as their ancestors. During the ritual the young will consume a mushroom known as turia. This mushroom grows naturally throughout the Verdant Jungle and is also cultivated by Razor Claws to ensure they're available for their rituals. When the turia is consumed the toxins of the mushroom start to spread through the body quickly.   Those who are not moon touched will die from the toxins. Those that are moon touched will go under a forced metamorphosis. This pain racked transformation is monitored by the clans shaman. When the hybrid form sets in the shaman will start chanting an inaction to bathe the young in moonlight. When returned to their regular form the young is considered a grown adult in the eyes of the Razor Claw.

Components and tools

The turia is a main component of the Mata. Without any turia the ritual cannot take place as there is currently no other known substance that can mimic the effects of turia. The ritual can be pushed back if needed due to the lack of availability of turia.


The Razor Claws will observe the coming of age depending on the race of the young. The average age for the human and half-elf is 15 to 16 years of age. Elves will normally undergo this ritual around 100 to 115 years of age.


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