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Sugarstrop is a delightful desert from the south, mainly served in Apsaloosian and Ealdorian towns and villages. typically, its considered a children's desert, as well as a celebratory one due to the vast amounts of sugar litterally baked into the base.  

What it is

This dish is pretty much entirely made of sugar and other sweet, thick matirals the people can find, often harvested and made directly in the area its served. the dish itself looks like a swirl of thick, melted sugar strung out on sticks to make a unique and beautiful design. this base then cools till it's brittle and other flavours are added depending on region. typically, more nothern dishes like to mix fruits in with the sugar, while the more south you go the more oceanic spices and flavours are mixed in, creating tangy, salty flavours.


  • Sugar
  • Fruit
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Additions to taste
  • Salt

Common uses

This desert is not pulled out for simple occasions. Due to it's intenity, people bring it out for birthdays or large scale celebrations. in fact, unless someone really loves the dish, it's almost always reserved for birthdays.


Like most fun foods, this dish started when a bunch of kids put sugar, flour, and water in a bowl and decided to see what would happen. after a whole night of drunken expirementation, a rudimentory form of Sugarstrop emerged slightly burnt.   later, when they tried to replicate what they did to show their friends, they developed a sugary paste of sorts that held its shape after a long time. As time went on and people made this dish over and over again, an artform and solidified desert emerged.
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Aug 17, 2022 17:53

I love the idea that every region has its own slight variations and I would love to get some simple steps to make sugarstrop at home. I could totally imagine people having sugarstrop bake-offs, though.