The Walk Among Ghosts

Why you are asking me? Despite what you may have heard there are some things I don't know about, you know, like secret rituals that allow you to bridge the planes.
— Jasper Cameron, leader of the Bronze Ravens
  "This is last step in your journey to becoming a Ghostwalker. Fear not, for the elixir which you have gathered the ingredients does not so much send you on a journey, as allow you to see and walk the paths of those who have gone before.   "Like the butterfly flitting from flower to flower, you will be able to go from plane to plane, protecting Jarvindetre from those who would do it harm.   "Like the Harpoon Cactus you will be able to survive in these harsh lands, thriving where others would perish, and striking with swift, decisive blows.   "As the cunning lyrebird, you will confound and confuse those who would seek to do our charge harm, spreading chaos and luring enemies to their deaths.   "As patient as the Rock Lobster you will wait, springing on interlopers when they least expect it.   "Like the Outh Bees we are deadly alone, but together, we are legion and there is nothing that can stand against us.   "So drink deeply, friend, and know that wherever you go, we, your family, will be waiting for you."   -Speech listing the reason for each ingredient gathered to new members of The Ghostwalker Dwarves before their final induction is performed.     Of course, they then drink the elixir and have a truly out of this world experience as their consciousness is smeared across the planes of existence and they experience sights and sounds that would drive lesser minds insane while their body is torn asunder and remade, over and over. (or so the sensation has been described) The only other information that was volunteered about the ritual is that the elixir, when mixed "tastes like strawberry wine, with a subtle aftertaste of cherrywood smoke."

Components and tools

Of course I'm willing to go ingredient hunting in a place that is as close to the Hells as Khotalo can offer, just to get ingredients from some of the deadliest plants and animals on the planet, all so you can mix together these ingredients (any one of which is more than sufficient to kill a Hauler Tortoises on its own) into an elixir that I am expected to drink, thus binding myself to the defense of a tree, albeit a World Tree, for the rest of my life from dangers and horrors in this plane and the others. Sounds FUN, sign me up.   And that thought process my friend is why you don't mess with Ghostwalkers, well, that and the fact that doors, walls, and guards dont work nearly as well on them as they would against most other enemies.
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