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Myrdhor Desert

"One of the best jokes the gods played was to gather up all the best ingredients, mundane and magical, and stick them on the border between the worlds tallest mountains and its deadliest desert. 'Aye, you can carve the worlds best wands and make mead that would bring a tear to a god's eye, now did you want to hike across hundreds of miles of 5 mile tall ice covered monoliths, or cross thousands of miles of desert where everything alive wants to kill and then eat you,' assholes" - Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens


Varies depending on local region between sand dunes, salt flats, rocky barrens.   The northwest corner is often considered a separate region and called the Sapphire Sands due to the fact that within a relatively well defined area, ALL the sand and rocks are made of sapphires.   The fact the the Myrdhor Desert is surrounded on every side except the south by mountains makes it the driest desert in the world. The only guaranteed rains come once every 7 years during the mating season of the Cloudtusks and are focused around the Sapphire Sands.

Fauna & Flora

Natural Resources

  • Cactus Flowers and Fruit
  • Outh Honey
  • Hauler Tortoises (wild)
  • Lyrebirds¬† (look I know you think they are trainable but no non-druid has ever succeeded in sending a message with one)
  • Sapphire (sand)
  • Sapphire (uncut)
  • Sapphire (fulgurite)
  • Acids (naturally occurring) (sure, as long as you don't puncture the stomach when you kill the animal)
  • Various Poisons (I keep telling you they are venom, I don't care that they come from plants, they are injected into prey to kill it)
  • Gold (rumored)
  • Mythril (confirmed)
  • Adamantite (rumored)
  • Platinum (confirmed, un-minable due to Rock Lobster population


"We know more about Dragons than we do the workings of the Myrdhor Desert"   "Sure, thats because some dragons answer questions and most others leave bodies. The Desert just kills you, eats the meat off your bones, then eats the bones, all more efficiently than most town butchers can slaughter a cow for festival."


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