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Walking Stones

Of course Walking Stones isn't on the map, I haven't been there in decades, who knows where it ended up in the meantime.
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens
  The town of Walking stones is unique in the world, first in that it moves, as the name "walking" would tend to imply. However, this is not a nomadic tribe, Almost all the building are made from Stone, and there are several "permanent" wells, permanent in that their location relative to the rest of the town buildings never changes.   Of course, the fact that all of this is carved out of the back of a giant animated stone tortoise does explain a lot. The walls stand just over 200 ft high while moving, and the whole of the town (and tortoise) covers nearly 11 acres, making it the largest stone golem in the world by several orders of magnitude.   Who originally made it, and why, is the subject of much speculation and even more myths and stories. The gnomes that live on it have no means of controlling it, although they have gotten around this by domesticating the Giant Shrikes native to the Myrdhor Desert, allowing for hunting expeditions and no small amount of trade.   One would think that water would be a problem but through magic of some sort the 3 wells in the town always have water in them, although there are also several rain basins located across the tortoises back.   Perhaps the greatest mystery, though, is how this monstrosity moves across the desert with little to no sign of its passage. Absent are the grinding rock sounds that one would expect having spent any time around rock golems. Footprints, which should make it easy to track and be a given considering how much it must weigh, are simply not there. Indeed, it seems as though whoever made the tortoise took great care to enchant it to not harm the desert as it passes, as there are accounts of it stepping down on plans or animals, only for the organism to appear unharmed (if slightly terrified in the case of animals) when the massive leg lifts away.    
"I'm sorry, but do you mean to tell me that somehow, NO ONE NOTICED when out trade partners, who live in a GIANT STONE TURTLE, just wandered off in the middle of the night! Its not like we needed that water or anything!" Gideon stomped away from the sentries, raging at the world.   "You gonna tell him they did fill our water skins, and for free at that?" asked Amity.   "Nah, i figure if he doesn't notice we can take credit for that tomorrow night, claim we found a spring or barrel cactus or something," replied Theo.
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