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City of Sleeping Skulls

Sure, I know it... but honestly, if your plan is to search for the City of Sleeping Skulls you are better off spending a night on The Ruby Bridge. At least then you die quick and people can get what supplies you leave behind.
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens
  There are rumors, always heard second or third hand, but just credible enough that people search after them. Rumors that can lead on to riches or, more likely, and early grave. One such rumor has lead many a caravan of hopeful adventurers, treasure hunters, and curious mages out into the unforgiving lands of the Myrdhor Desert. Gone in search of The Lost City, as many call it. A ruin of a former mage empire perhaps, or maybe older still, an ancient Storm Giant capital, lost to the sands and time. Of course it is filled with wondrous artifacts, rare scrolls, and spellbooks that would make an archmage curious.  
Lost, no, no, you are mistaken, the city your are looking for was not lost.... Purged, mayhaps is the word you want. Aranak, as it was called, was purged, almost all record of it erased. Evil was done there the likes of which the world has rarely seen. Turn your eyes elsewhere to seek your fortune, for those that seek the City of Sleeping Skulls, death is the kindest fate that awaits, even if not the most certain.


Living: Debatable, some put the number at close to 1,000   Undead: 1.9 million, most inactive


  • Zombies, Skeletons, shadows, wraiths, ghosts, specters, several mummies, and various other undead
  • At least 2 undead dragons, small (for a dragon)
  • Traps
  • Vampiric Mists
  • Sand and Stone Golems, and numerous Gargoyles.
  • Nearly the whole thing being buried in sand.

Guilds and Factions

The Sleeping Skulls

    Little enough is known about the collection of beings known as The Sleeping Skulls. The vampires that most often frequent the place are tight lipped, and what little has been able to be gleaned is vague. The Sleeping Skulls are the undead demi-gods, or perhaps arch-liches, responsible for the downfall of Aranak. Most of their time is spent in slumber, or perhaps meditation. They are definitely on the side of Cysgodol, as such things go, but there are mentions of wholesale slaughter of vampires and others that have disturbed their sleep (studies?). Tilloth'tonogozonannoth has been the most fruitful source of information on them, but the cost of such information can be steep indeed.  

The Graceful Blossom Trading Company

  There is a reason that only one trading company is known for traversing the route's of the Myrdhor. Its because they are a front for the vampire clan most recognized as the Clan of Flowering Fangs, so named because of the unique trait of their clan, the ability for their fangs to "flower" open inside their victims, ensuring that most bites prove lethal unless the vampire wishes otherwise. Turns out having hidden vampire guards in trading caravans deters most predators and bandits, And when the only real supplies you need are fresh blood, well, packing water and food is easy.   Their exact relation to the City of Sleeping Skulls is unknown, but they have the only maps (closely guarded) labeling its location and entrances, as it has been thoroughly swallowed by the desert.


Once a shining jewel, a utopia for the study of magic known the world over when Storm Giants ruled the world. Of course, then someone did something they shouldn't have at the behest of something they should have known not to listen to.


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