Man can Til pour a pint... and a quart, and a glass of wine, all while talking to 4 different people, and completing a research project that we probably wouldn't understand or dont want to know the details of. All in all probably the nices demon you will ever meet.
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens.
  Tilloth'tonogozonannoth (Til for short) is, as one might expect by his name, a demon, specifically a Daemogoth. He is bound on our plane to an area now know as Hell's Half-Acre, because if you are going to be stuck somewhere might as well be a pub.   Like all demons of his kind, he is in constant pursuit of knowledge, the more lost or forbidden the better. Also like all daemogoths, his main form of sustenance is negative emotions. Which is probably why it is a good thing that he lives with a Shadow Dragon.   Of course, having a thirst for knowledge and yet being bound to a half-acre of land is... frustrating. But Til is probably the most proficient scryer in the world. And his notes are meticulous. All 6,423 volumes. In search of a "lost" city, Til probably knows where it is. Trying to find an illusive wizard, Til can probably break through whatever anti-scrying countermeasures he has set up. Need two-pints of Outh Mead and a bottle of wine from Isric. Till is your guy.   Not to say that all this is free, and a good portion of it isnt available for.... conventional currency. Til can get you the knowledge you want, but knowledge for knowledge is usually the trade, unless you are willing to pay in memories. I, however, cannot recommend the latter. You dont share memories with a Daemogoth, they take them. Til is at least nice about it and will show you the memory he is planning on taking beforehand, but believe me, not remembering courting of your wife can make things... complicated.   Also, dont try to anger (or rob, or kill) Til, for one thing, many adventuring groups and Guilds the world over value his knowledge, for another, attempting to harm and employee of Hell's Half-Acre is one of the quickest ways known to have what is widely considered one of the worst experiences in the multiverse, after which you may be left alive, or there may be nothing left of your body or soul to recover.


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