Outh Mead

The wines and spirits produced at Outh Mead are some of the most sought after goods in the world. Probably why there is a small black market in copying them. The secret is you need an actual Outh Mead bottle, or barrel. Turns out making nigh-on-unbreakable glass containers that keep their contents fresh and at the correct temperature is a little harder than making good booze, who knew?
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens


By Race

  • Dwarves: 61%
  • Gnomes: 13%
  • Halflings: 17%
  • Goblins: 3%
  • Kobolds:3%
  • Other: 3%

By Profession

  • Master Brewers: 3 (one each for Mead, Wine, and Spirits
  • Brewers: 37
  • Apiarists (bee keepers): 23
  • Glass Blowers: 17
  • Farmers: 93
  • Miners: 113
  • Clerics/priests:5
  • Order of the Half-Pint mercenaries: 201
  • Children: 101


Meritocracy.   While technically falling under the rule of the current king or queen of Outh, distance, and a number of non-dwarven residents, has seen Outh Mead grow somewhat distant


Mead Brewery

filler and a picture    


for wines  

Hill of the Holy Spirits

I mean, there is a temple and a couple of altars, but the Distillery is the real treasure.  

The Market


The Mines


Bee Fields (Gardens)


The Forge

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