The Ruby Bridge

According to some of the more talkative water dwelling dragons, at least one sea serpent (translated by an insane druid named Ivan), and several merfolk tribes what we all call the Ruby Bridge would be better named the Ruby Rings. Course I never bothered to go down me'self and check, that area o' the seas is dangerous enough in a boat. There's a reason there aint any ports west o' Autumnrise, and it has nothing to do with the coast bein' mostly cliffs.
— Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens.
    3 ruby arches each spanning a total of 110 miles and each peaking at over 1 mile high rise over an un-sailable stretch of water. there are 2 covered platforms where the arches intersect. These platforms each have a freshwater spring and offer protection from the nightime dangers of the bridge. The most prevalent danger is the local nocturnal predators: packs of flying, carnivorous crystalline creatures. Rumors say the interior of the arches is a labyrinth (or labyrinths) containing untold treasures, but no entrance to the interior has ever been found.


1 square = 3.27miles (5.26km)


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