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Lacuna Loaf

The Lacuna Loaf is a ritual completed primarily by citizens of Dragonshade who wish to have a sucessful pregnancy and provide their child an upper hand in life. The ritual mainly caled Lacuna is a journey through specific parts of Rishox harvesting ingredients to create a fertiily bread or Lacuna Loaf. It is also a time of reflection and understanding of what it will be to become a parent, or what it means to be increasing your family, and how to provide for your family through determination, hardwork, and critical thinking. It is also used to connect with Axdohr and all that he has given.   Lacuna takes the individual through the Dragon Mountains, Werifesteria Swamp, The Moaning Jungle, and Namika Lake. At each location they must gather at least two different ingredients that they will use to create their Lacuna Loaf. Traveling can be alone or with someone else who is also on Lacuna, no children nor people not on Lacuna are allowed to travel along. It is said to bring bad luck to their family and child's future.  
The Lacuna ritual has allowed me to birth three children successfully with no major issues during pregnancy or labor. So far they are showing great potential yet still young enough not to know how they will fair as adults. My first Lacuna journey was not an easy one and neither will yours. You are riddled with hormones, fear, excitement, and potentially some dread. I cried myself to sleep many a nights on my first Lacuna. I went alone not knowing anyone else nor really wanting to at the time. I stayed on the main paths and was not met with much trouble along the way. Many who pass along these roads know of Lacuna and nod before moving along.   I knew I wanted to make my Loaf to sweet and savory when I set out and succeded in that. I found Amaranth, Clove, and Cinnamon in The Moaning Jungle; Bog Myrtle and Bladderwort in Werifesteria Swamp; Dandelion, Life-Everlasting, and Honey at Namika Lake; and Ginseng and Salt at Dragon Mountains. I started out at The Moaning Jungle as I wanted to make sure my bread starter was going to be ready and I wanted to use Amaranth. From there I went to Werifesteria Swamp, then Namika Lake, and lastly Dragon Mountains before heading back to Dragonshade.   I made a beautifully braided leaf bread loaf with a heart in the center. It was delicious and the best thing I have ever baked and it will be the same for you as well.
— a woman recounting her first Lacuna trip
by Tommaso Urli

Lacuna Loaf Recipe Guide

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