Wrack Reading

Before a Tiomeran diver enters a Depth Bell for the first time in their life, they will partake in a ceremony known as a 'Wrack Reading' to determine whether their journey below the waves will be without problems, or should not be undertaken at all.

Foretelling Leaves

Wrack reading is essentially a tassomancy (or, 'leaf reading') ceremony that revolves around a seaweed soup. Historically it has been performed by some seafaring folk but it is a ritual that is still done in Tiomera. Here, the soup is traditionally made of the blades of Steel Wrack. All members of the depth bell diving crew, including the new diver, all drink this soup prior to their descent. The liquid is drank from simple bowls to which the residue of the leaves sticks. After consumption of the liquid, a cleric of Ebaqu interprets the symbolism seen in the leaves. If the symbols are favorable, the crew will depart on their journey to the deep. If the symbols spell out a bad omen, the crew may decide to postpone their journey entirely or make an offering to Ebaqu, the sea itself, or some other deity of their preference. Bad omens are always a cause to double or triple check all the equipment of the divers and the depth bell itself.

Divination and Interpretation

There are many things that can be divined or interpreted from the residue of the soup which all require knowledge of the art of divining the symbols for it to be of any use. It has to be said that this is a form of divination that is seen as unreliable by some arcanists because it depends on the interpretation and translation of the symbolism by the diviner. However, wrack reading is seen more as a ceremony or rite of passage instead of a safety precaution.

Symbols and Signs

Below are a few common signs that are divined in a Wrack Reading. Even though individual signs may mean something, when multiple signs interact with each other (Such as a shark eating a fish), they may mean something different entirely.
Circle. You may encounter a portal or cave but be careful where it leads.
Clouds. A good sign, sometimes interpreted as a blessing from Zevira.
Fish. A good and bountiful journey awaits you.
Humanoid (Arms down). You will find or discover something unexpected.
Humanoid (Arms up). You will lose something or become lost.
Merfolk. Be careful, what you see may not be what you think it is.
Shark(fin). Be wary of dangerous creatures.
Spear (Down). Depart immediately, there is no better time.
Spear (Up). Stay at the surface, the depths do not welcome you.
Spear (Sideways). This is not the right place or time.
Swirl. Maelstroms and the currents may disorient you, keep a clear focus.
Trident. Conflict that will not only hurt you, but those close to you as well.
Waves. A good sign, usually interpreted as a blessing from Ebaqu.
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