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Turning of the Season Callopsy Roll

These rolls are similar to sushi though the meat is from the Callopsy Bird.  


  The Callopsy roll and the preparation is the acknowledgement of the young Thormalkians progression through the seasons like that of the grain they grow.


The celebration of the turning of the season is an all day thing. The morning and afternoon is spent preparing the feast. The feast is followed by an evening of crafting. The bioluminescence of the feathers adding enough light that they can be worked until Gautama is at zenith.

Components and tools

For the preparation of the feast and Callopsy rolls what is needed is as follows: large pots of hot water to ease the removal of the skin, sharp knives for the butchering of the birds (removal of meat from bone and slicing), cutting boards, rock lined firepits, and grain-stalk mats.   Food stuffs required for the rolls specifically are: Quinoa, fresh callopsy birds, and seaweed. The spices vary from settlement to settlement with each having their own version and recipes.  
  Grill the sliced callopsy meat while the quinoa is cooking. When the quinoa is ready, move into large bowls and season. Place the seaweed on the mats, cover with a thin layer of quinoa, and strips of grilled callopsy down the center, and roll shifting the mat out of the way as you go. Press the roll tightly so it doesn't fall apart while slicing into bite size pieces.


All members of Thormalkian society above the age of six take part. Six to ten-year-olds are tasked with the removal of the feathers of the callopsy birds, separating them into piles by size. Eleven to sixteen hunt the birds looking for the largest, plumpest, and most beautifully plumaged. Everyone seventeen and older prepare the feast.


This is the yearly observance of the turning of the season from summer to harvest.
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