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Thormalk is a vast grasslands surrounded by mountains to the North and West, a vast inland sea to the East, an expansive forest to the south, and a treacherous swamp to the South-East.


The vast plains of Thormalk grow many different varieties of grain, wheat, barley, rye, oats, millet, tricillium, corn/maize, sourghum, and buckwheat. These plants are rotated throughout the country in ways to not

Ecosystem Cycles

Due to the protective mountain range to the north Thormalk is capable of growing grain year round.


With the double eclipse in 2650 BTO, all of Corrigenda became barren except for the center of the plains. With all the people of Corrigenda contesting who would control it a war began. This war lasted for about two-thousand years. The humans who became the people of Thormalk maintained control of the borders as the rest of the world recovered. This led to infighting amongst the humans themselves. The Thormalkians with their training and skill drove out those who didn't agree with their way of life and choices.   By the end of the war Thormalk was controlled by the nomadic farmers and warriors who fought so hard to control it. They developed mutual respect with the Fae living near the area. Both sides agreed to safeguard the plains from any who would come looking to harm them. Over the intervening centuries Giants would come near the end of their lives, to the plains to offer assistance in the caretaking of the land and crops. They would travel from the South to the North where they would lay down to die. The Northern mountains protecting Thormalk is a giant's graveyard.

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Flora & Fauna


The Flora

  The localized flora of the region consists of many differing grain crops. These grains are grown in the areas in which they will thrive. Amaranth in the North along the rocky coastal shores, to wheat and barley in the central regions, and millet closer to the forest's edge.

The Fauna

  The primary fauna of the plains are the horses of the Thormalkian people, many small rodents and rodent type animals, along with a large variety of birds.  
The Thormalkians raise three different varieties of horse; a light, fast, sturdy messenger horse, a large draft horse, and a medium warhorse.   The messenger horses are bred for speed and endurance. They are usually piebald in colour. The draft horses are bred for endurance and strength. These horses stand about seventeen hands high, large hooves with feathered fetlocks. The warhorses are bred specifically for the use of the cadre warriors. They will carry two to three members each while on patrol.
The plains have many types of birds which call it home. From the burrowing owl to the callopsy bird which nests along the shores of the Abhainn Bhogha river. There are several raptors which live on the forest edge and hunt across the plains.  
The plains house many rodents native to grasslands from voles to rabbits, mice, groundhogs, and pika. With the abundance of life on the vast plains there is no shortage of food.

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