Peetuu Pootu

Peetuu Pootu is the newest settlement within the nation of Thormalk. If I didn't know it was there, I would swear it didn't exist. The way they constructed it is nothing short of ingenous. If only we could get the stone they use throughout the nation. Anyone coming to invade would get a very nasty surprise. I guess we will need to make some sort of agreement with the dragons to get the stone here.
— Hunter discussing tactics with fellows.
  The community of Peetuu Pootu is one very large building complex. The buildings are all interconnected with tunnel hallways. In the center of town, there is a large central courtyard for community celebrations and gatherings. The buildings are lit by oil lamps or fires as there is very little natural light which enters the city due to its construction. The buildings are sturdy enough that a herd of wild horses can run over the roofs without any damage to the buildings.   The Hunters hopefuls from Peetu Pootu are some of the most skilled in stealth tactics. This is due in part to the way Peetuu Pootu is not visible until the traveller is literally standing on top of it.


Like all other towns in Thormalk, Peetuu Pootu is led by a council of twinsouled.  Every three years the council holds an election to see whether or not the leadership of the council changes.

Industry & Trade

Peetuu Pootu survives on the stone it quarries from the mountainside, grain, mountain goats, and the herbs which need mountainous regions to grow.


The hamlet of Peetuu Pootu, is a mixture of stone and turf buildings. With the mountains so close to the north and east edges of the hamlet they have an abundance of stone to work with. Their buildings resemble small hillocks, as they have chosen to dig into the ground and build with stone for the inner walls and roofs. They have central fire pits with a stone chimney poking through the soil on the rooftops. They chose to build this way for the increase in arable land.   The lack of accessible lumber or the means to make a decent mortar is what drove them to innovate the underground construction.


Nestled into the curve of the mountains with vast plains around the hamlet.  A small river flows southeast of the town, heading toward the large inland sea to the south.

Natural Resources

Peetuu Pootu is known for its stone which is in high demand downriver and along the coast of the inland sea. They have been able to quarry large slabs of stone perfect for roofing.  These slabs are too heavy for transporting across the plains. They also have large herds of mountain goats which they use for food and barter.
Founding Date
968 OTO
Inhabitant Demonym
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I like how the settlement is almost completely blended into the environment around it. That's really cool. :D

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I love the settlement so much! I love how hidden and lowkey it is with the tunnel hallways! the town gives off such an atmospheric vibe! wish it was real ehhehe! :D

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It was based on the pictish settlements of the Isle of Man and Iona.

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