Dazzlikat (Dazz- LY-ket)

a fishing/farming village in Thormalk  
We need to expand our fishing range. This will also allow us to expand the village. I mean our crannogs make great ways to build out.
— Fishwife during a town meeting


They are led by a council of village elders who in turn report to the Chief in Thorkald. They are taxed 10% of their yearly gross. This is in the form of fish and grain.   The council of elders include representatives of the fishers, farmers, and stonecutters, with a tallykeeper and the local Chief.

Industry & Trade

As a result of living on the edge of Lake Veristo the denizens of Dazzlikat are proficient fishers and farmers.


The town of Dazzlikat started out as a landbased community. When they discovered the bounty in the nearby inland sea they imported lumber from the great forest to construct piers and docks, eventually moving the majority of the town out over the water. This allowed them to have greater access to the fish and sea life available. Building crannogs the were able to plant trees and gardens out in the the lake as well. Using reeds they crafted fishing boats until they had trees large enough to craft larger fishing vessels, though some families still use reed boats for fishing.


Nestled between the plains of Thormalk, Lake Veristo, and the northern mountain they are well situated for just about anything. Looking east they can see the vast expanse of the inland sea, north is the ever growing mountain range where they can harvest stone to build the new pillars of their community, as well as expand their crannogs. To the west is the vast rolling plains of Thormalk in all their golden beauty. They are also situated with a large river running through the town which has been bridged for fishing and catching the rare spawning fish.

Natural Resources

FISH!! They have lots of fish. Dazzlikat is situated in such a way as to make use of the sea, the plains, and the mountains.   They survive by combining the fish from the sea with the grain they grow on the plains near their community.
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