Thorkald used to be called Thormalk when it was the only place inhabited in the vast plains.  When we started to expand outwards we changed the name so others could talk about the city other than the land.  The High Chief at the time stipulated that settlements be radial and extend out like the spokes of a wheel with Thorkald as the hub.  The Hunters who were formed during the Unending War became the defense of the nation.
— Twinsouled Elder to a group of young hopefuls.
Thorkald as the capital city of Thormalk is the home of the High Chief and ruling council.  This means the hunters who are on leave spend time in the lodge if they are not visiting family in the smaller towns of the nation.  With the vast fields surrounding Thorkald, most of the inhabitants are out working the fields during the day or hunting the small rodents which damage the crops.   Some enterprising citizens have taken to capturing hawks from the forest to the west for training in hunting rabbits and other vermin.  Those who have purchased hawks from other towns now breed their own to maintain an eyrie.  This has become a shared asset for the citizens of Thorkald.   Due to the vast nature of Thormalk, the High Chief leaves the running of the city to its council of elders.  Once a season they report to the High Chief on the developments within the city.  Other emissaries from the surrounding towns are also sent to report at the same time.  This means the city would have an increase in the population of about one hundred to two hundred people during these times.


The majority of the population are farmers, with a few crafters and innkeepers, as well as travelling merchants for trading with other nations.


Thorkald is run by a council of twinsouled elders.  These elders answer to the High Chief, and his council.


Thorkald unlike the other towns of Thormalk has a high wooden and turf palisade around the city.

Industry & Trade

This community is agriculturally based, everything from grain to livestock, primarily horses.

Guilds and Factions

There are two guilds within the city of Thorkald.  The traders guild and the farmers guild.  These two guilds always seem to be at loggerheads with each other since they both are trying to make a profit on the same items.  Though they usually agree to the same prices over and over again they find the haggling to be the fun part.


After the founding of Thorkald the hunters were the primary defense during the unending war.  Their specialised training allowing them to slip in and out of enemy encampments or up to enemy troops unnoticed.  For a while the plains were considered haunted by the dead of the war and were taking vengeance on the living for not leaving them to rest in peace.  Thormalkians enjoyed this rumour and so attempted to expand upon it.


Tourism is discouraged throughout the entire nation of Thormalk.  With the hunters patrolling the borders to keep out any unwanted individuals.


Most of the construction of the city is wattle and daub buildings with the rare wooden construction throughout the city.  The High Chief's lodge being one such building.  All buildings have thatched roofs since it is a very simple material to come by in the vast plains of Thormalk.  These buildings also have rain barrels under the eaves to catch runoff for additional water for the town.


Thorkald is built in the center of the vast plains of Thormalk.  In the center of the town, there is a fountain which is fed by an underground spring, providing water for the inhabitants.

Natural Resources

Thorkald has vast fields of grain that produce more than the city would need.  There are also vast herds of wild horses living on the plains of Thormalk.  Some in Thorkald have taken to catching the horses and breeding them for specific traits.  Primarily the pulling of plows and riding horses.
Founding Date
Thorkald was founded in the year 273 BTO
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