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Council Hall of Thormalk

Purpose / Function

This is the ruling chambers of the elders who run the demesne of Thormalk. Council meetings are held within this walls. They consist of two different types of councils, the first being the grand council consisting of all the city elders from the lands of Thormalk, while the second is a simple city council comprised of the elders of the Thorkald.   Grand council meetings are called once every five years to coordinate the taxation, discuss the infrastructure of the demesne, and elections. The city council meets once a week to discuss the running of the city and improvements needed to suport the people.


Each time the council hall has been expanded, more rooms were added for visiting dignitaries. The hall now resembles a honeycomb with the central room being the largest.


The council hall is constructed from wattle and daub with a thatched roof.


The building itself has no fortifications, however it is far from defenseless. A shelf of hunters protect the building and the council. These warriors are masters of stealth and weapons. All visitors are escorted to the hall by a cadre from the border and turned over to the defenders of the hall upon arrival.


The coucil hall of Thormalk was the fifth building to be erected within the confines of Thorkald. This was in order to show the people that their concerns held merit and there were people willing to listen. The building has been expanded many times over the centuries to accommodate the increased numbers of elders from other communities.


Although tourism is not promoted there have been many foreign dignitaries who have come to make trade arrangements with the Elders Council. It is said that though the accommodations seemed primitive to them, the hospitality was second to none.
Alternative Names
Hall of the Elders
Public hall / house
Parent Location


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