Thormalk is the nation of the fields.     The creation of the hunters was a stroke of genius as there was really only one direction from which attack could come. That is if you discounted the fact that dragons could fly. The capital is located in the very center of these plains, with settlements radiating out like spokes of a wheel.


The people of Thormalk are clannish and answer to the Chief. They were nomadic peoples before settling in Thormalk and defending the territory from others. The clan structure allowed for ease of moving across the plains before the small villages were established.


Thormalk is considered the breadbasket of Corrigenda with the fact that oats, barley and rye are amongst its primary exports. The vast plains extend for miles in every direction until they reach the base of the mountains, the edge of Lake Veristo and the forest. There is a trackway which leads from the forest towards the main city of Thorkald


The land of Thormalk was settled during the Unending War with the formation of the Hunters.


The nation of Thormalk is a vast grassland bordered by mountains to the east and north, forest to the west, and Lake Veristo to the south. This means there are marshlands to the southwest. These vast grasslands are home to a number of creatures, mice, rabbits, large cats and horses to name but a few. These vast prairies are farmed for grain and used as grazing land for the vast herds of horses which are the main exports.
Geopolitical, Country
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Plains of Wheat, Grasslands, The hollowlands
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