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Moukiri (moo-KEE-REE)

A mild, fruity bouquet...   Moukiri is one of the staple liqueurs served at important events such as Pairing ceremonies. Batches are often home-brewed by the patriarch of the household and sent into low orbit to ferment and age for several years before bottling. Youths returning from their year-long freelanding tour are treated to a goblet of this exquisite melomel. Despite its low alcohol content (5% ABV), rather large quantities are imbibed during a homecoming celebration and the youth has yet to build up a proper alcohol tolerance...


The advent of dererium-based technology had unexpected benefits in the field of homebrewing. Brewers of all backgrounds experimented with various concoctions, theorizing specially-crafted air-tight casks could improve the flavor and maintain a proper temperature. When Thangiens learned pegacorns could safely navigate space using their innate air shield powers, riders would carry the casks into low orbit and set them adrift where they would circle the planet to age before being retrieved. The cold of high altitude and the sealed container served to preserve and amplify flavors. Moukiri is one of the most widely-manufactured and highest-rated wines.


The majority of fruits found in and around Bainshaebo comes from either private gardens, vineyards, or the Gardens of Tirmutua. Being a melomel, Moukiri is viewed as a "kitchen sink" of fruits augmented with nectar harvested from privately kept apiaries. Each household has their own variation depending on access to produce. A batch of several gallons is made when a newly-wed couple first learn they are expecting. The batch is bottled a year after the birth of a first-born and aged for ten years until their first freelanding tour.

Components and tools

  • 1 airtight dererium cask with ventilation lock for CO2 emissions  
  • Assorted fruits with the exception of chorinae  
  • several pounds of raw unfiltered honey (comb optional for flavor)  
  • brewing yeast and nutrient  
  • several gallons of distilled water


Batches are crafted by the father of the household and blessed by the Silver-Haired Maiden before being set into orbit. For first-time homebrewers, this can be a trial by error and thus neophytes make multiple batches in advance as they refine their technique.


A youth newly-returned from freelanding will be presented with a full decanter of wine, either to be imbibed alone or shared with the family. As adolescents are considered adults after freelanding, it is not uncommon to see a youth of five cycles or more (10+ Earth years) become very much inebriated.   A large household may keep multiple batches of moukiri in reserve and serve out older vintages at special occasions such as a prominent Pairing ceremony.
“Oh my…that tasted rather tangy,” Kayura shook her head and set her glass down.   “We call it moukiri. It was created when our ancestors learned Pegacorns could navigate space, and is made from fruit harvested in Tirmutua. We seal it in casks and let them orbit the world to age for cycles. This particular batch came from my father’s time,” Azuro stated proudly.   “It…it tastes fermented…is this alcohol?” Kayura grimaced nervously and pointed at her glass. Azuro glanced at Aurora and said something in Thangien. Aurora spoke a reply and Azuro looked back at Kayura and nodded. Kayura quickly turned around in her seat. “Yulie! Stop drinking that right away!” she hissed and snapped her fingers at him.   “Why?” Yulie argued before breaking into a fit of giggles along with Ph’li and Ko’li.   “Ooh! Sehkmet! Sehkmet!” Sehkmet, who sat closest to the other table, looked over his shoulder at Kayura when he heard her call. “Get Yulie to stop drinking! He’s underage!”   Sehkmet glanced at the boy then back at Kayura. “We’re on another planet. Who’s gonna notice?” he sniffed and shrugged. Kayura growled, frustrated by his indifference, and scooted out of her seat. She stalked over to the other table and tried to wrest the glass from a slightly-tipsy Yulie. “I drank at his age…” Sehkmet muttered and took a sip of his own drink.
— Foes From Another World Ch. 20
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