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Welcome celebration

-I can't move... I ate too much.
-That was the idea.
-Who is going to take care of Ola?
-The Martinez, they offered.
-Good, now carry me home.
-Darling, you're not Ola!
— Erick and Royd Andersen.

The Welcome Celebration is an event held every time a new family joins the Nyckanehi. Once all the members of the community meet the newcomers and they agree to follow the town's rules, they are given a temporary place to stay until they gather the materials to build their house and also they are given tasks according to their skills.

After all the commitments are signed and the family settled, the people welcome them officially in their small community with a feast. Everyone contributes with something, whereas is food, drinks, decorations, and time to cook or make all the preparations. If it's in the colder seasons the celebration takes place in the community centre, but if the weather is warm and sunny they get together in whatever open space they like.

The main crops in the valley are different types of potatoes because it's easy to grow, harvest and store. The nyckanehi have mastered all the known recipes on how to cook potatoes and created some more. The feast is based on that kind of dish, but if the honoured have a special food they'd like to have because of their personal beliefs, background or simple preference the community makes an effort to procure it too.

The celebrations are far from solemn. It doesn't happen often, so people do their best to make it a joyful occasion for everyone. The goal is to make the newcomer feel part of the community, whether is a big family or just a person and their pet. Also, there is no time to be serious when there are superpowerful kids playing around and creating chaos.
by Julian Ralid
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