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Warrior Caste initiation

The Warrior Caste are set apart from mainstream society in the Federation of Xah. From the moment of their conception in the scientific laboratories of the Technical Caste, they are designed and developed to be the most superlative soldiers humans can create. Their genes are selected for strength, stamina, physical size, and combat aptitude (even if the parameters are vague at best), and almost from birth, the expectations on them to perform are high. Drop-out of the caste during childhood is low, and physically deficient individuals are exceedingly rare; rumours abound of infanticide, but no official comfirmation has even been given. As such, the Warrior caste is given the best that the Federation of Xah has to offer; from equipment, to medical care, and even in their diet and nutrition. One prime example are the SusBars.   SusBars are a highly nutritious protein-based foodstuff, given only to the Warrior caste. One bar gives over a thousand calories, with all the vitamins and minerals needed for effective functioning. Furthermore, they can be dissolved in water and placed into Xahian Power Armour nutrition tanks, to be fed to the wearer intravenously. The unique nature of the SusBar, and its restriction to the Warrior caste, has meant that after a Warrior's graduation at age 21, their first meal is always that of a SusBar, and over the years, this has evolved into initiation ceremony for young Warriors.


The origins of the ceremony are lost to the vagaries of time, as something not recorded, and merely passed on through word-of-mouth and witnessing. It took several centuries to progagate through the entire caste, as whole army groups could be at opposite ends of Known Space, with little contact, and there are variations, even at the regiment level.


At age 10, Warriors are given the first of their three aptitude assessment, the one that will sort them into one of the five sub-castes within the Warriors. For the next eight years, they receive training considered essential for their grouping, be it combat tactics, zero-G operations, investigative techniques, less-than-lethal skills, and so. At age 18, they are assessed again, and placed into more specialised roles, and given a further three years of training. Finally, at age 21, they are given their final assessment, which indicates the depth and breadth of their education, with appropriate status and job assignment. Once assigned this, they immediately move to their given location, and their new companions are reponsible for their initiation.   On the first night of their role, newcomers are assembled in whatever passes for a mess room, dining hall, or whatever, and are handed their first SusBar. When indicated they are allowed, the new recruits eat their bar, and are formally accepted as members of the Warrior caste. Generally alcohol follows, and a full meal, although most recruits are stated by their bar.   The ritual is considered highly significant, and most new Warriors look forward to it eagerly, as consumption of the SusBar is a jealously guarded right. What is not more commonly known is that only Warriors possess the genes required to both digest the bar, and to process the toxins that are deliberately put in it. Any other caste member, or non-Xahian, would suffer intense stomach pains, and even death.
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