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Dwyfoldeb Aur (doy-vol-deb eye-ur)

"Hm... Not bad. Spicy..."

Emrys dropped to the ground, unconscious and barely breathing.
  Dwyfoldeb Aur is a special broth brewed in the volcano of Mount Furor. It can only be consumed by The Ancient Dragons without death, though there are some dragonborn who are able to stomach one mouthful of the broth before needing serious medical attention. Whilst it is a broth, it is also a ritual as the act of making and drinking the broth is a coming of age passage.   Dwyfoldeb Aur is drunk by young dragon wyrmlings as part of their transition into become adult dragons. The translation into common for this word is 'golden divinity' due to the colour. It is created out of honey and Blodyn Ludew, the only vegetation that grows near Mount Furor. It is believed that the broth is what gives the dragons their ancient knowledge and powers from Dutdur, God of Knowledge as their original maker.


Though it is unknown when the first Dwyfoldeb Aur began, it is believed that the first to take part in the ritual was Omissy, Champion of the White as the second oldest dragon in the entire continent. The first generation of Ancient Dragons drank the broth around the same time as they were not hatched but created by Dutdur himself. The recipe was given to them by him, carved originally into the walls of the volcano which has disappeared over time and wear.   The recipe was simple and could be replicated by any, until it came to the brewing. The Ancient Dragons believed that the coming of age was something that should be celebrated but also something that should prove challenging. They decided that instead of a traditional brewing, it would need to be brewed in the place that the dragons were original born - the inside of the Mount Furor volcano, and drunk whilst still burning from the heat of the volcano.   Whilst the heat of the broth could kill many outright by burning through someone's entire body, the other issue was the Blodyn Ludew that was also part of the recipe. Not only does the flower only grow on the island, but it also contains lava inside of the flower so would involve drinking lava as well as extremely hot liquid in general. The only creatures that could drink it without serious injury and death were The Ancient Dragons and those born of them. Only two other creatures are known to have drunk it who are not original dragons: Opaline, the star dragon, and Narsyra, the hydra that stands guard at Mount Furor.   The only named and well known dragonborn to have drunk a spoonful of Dwyfoldeb Aur is Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu, part of The Beacons of Hope and previous warlord of Purgatory. He was severely injured from the act but managed to survive through his own determination and expert medical attention that was on hand.


The creation of the broth itself is the ritual. Gathering the items for the broth is relatively easy, certainly when it comes to honey and water as there is plenty that the dragons can collect on the mainland. The flowers themselves are relatively difficult to get as they can die if not handled carefully so cannot be used in the broth.   Once all three ingredients have been collected, they are placed into an air-tight bottle made of dragon scales. The dragon scale colour does not matter as long as it comes from one of the original Ancient Dragons. The water, honey and flowers are put into the bottle which is then thrown into the center of the volcano. It is left there for two hours before being retrieved by one of the older dragons. The broth is then poured into a bowl and must be immediately consumed by the young dragon wyrmling.   If the dragon wyrmling is able to drink all of the broth, they are deemed as adult dragons in the eyes of everyone else and blessed by Dutdur himself. Any who fail to drink the broth are not yet deemed as adults and are expected to give it another go the year after. If someone dies whilst completing the ritual, they are deemed as mighty warriors and are put to rest in the volcano itself to return to the ground.
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