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Dragons are the most ancient species found in Arrasgoth. They are the most awe-inspiring creatures in the history of the continent and have been long since dormant since the war that threw them all out of existence. However, recent sightings have been found of dragons flying the skies which has got many people talking once again. They normal inhabit the Tudra Region but have lairs all across Arrasgoth that they visit. They are very important to Arrasgoth history as they are believed to be the first creatures created in Starinlithe and created by Dutdur, God of Knowledge.

Dragon Physiology

Dragons are large, serpent-like creatures that are considered almost legendary amongst the people of Arrasgoth. Each dragon comes in a different colour depending on which branch it belongs to. There are two overall types of dragons: chromatic and metallic dragons. There are 18 known types of dragons but not all have been discovered at this point in Arrasgoth's history. They are magical creatures that have four legs and two large wings. They walk very similar to cats, with front and back foot moving at the same time as each other.   Dragons have a few interesting abilities due to their magical nature. The larger they become, the more resistant to attacks they become, physical and magical alike. They also have a breath weapon attack that has a different type depending on what colour dragon they are. They are innate spellcasters and the older they are, the more spells they are able to cast. They also all have the ability to change into a humanoid form so can somewhat blend in to society, though the colour of their skin stays the same as the colour of their full dragon form.   Dragons reproduce by laying eggs that need to be kept at extremely warm temperatures and need draconic magic to hatch. They would lay their eggs in Mount Furor to be hatched but at this point, there has been no successful hatching of any dragon eggs.

Major organizations

The Ancient Dragons are the only organisation that are connected to dragons.
Related Organizations
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