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Ancient Draconic

Ancient Draconic is the language that was spoken by The Ancient Dragons over 1000 before they were ripped out of time during the war. The language was lost when they were but some writing of this can be found within the Vivid Marsh. Ancient Draconic has made its way somewhat into the spoken language of the dragonborn as Draconic but this is a very watered down version to the point that a modern dragonborn cannot read Ancient Draconic without magical help.  

The Basics Of The Language

From what can be gathered from the language, a lot of the spoken words are focused around the harsh sounds of hissing. To an untrained ear, it can sound like no actual words or letters are being spoken. It involves speaking from the depths of your diaphragm to create the harsh, deep sounds of Draconic. In regards to its sound, it doesn't differ from Draconic, but the word layout and extra phonetics cause it to be difficult to read.  

The Loss Of Ancient Draconic

The language was very quickly lost as it was not a language that was taught to anyone but the Ancient Dragons themselves. With this came a safety amongst the race that what they were saying could not be used against them or understood. When they were wiped out by the time fracture, this caused the language to be completely incomprehensible to anyone.   Once Dragonborn started to appear with a butchered version of the language, 200 years after the Ancient Dragons disappeared, the language could be partially revived but very little of it. It is still unclear how the dragonborn appeared but Draconic has been checked to be descended from Ancient Draconic so thoughts are that the first Dragonborn of Arrasgoth were taught Ancient Draconic at some point.
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