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Dutdur, God of Knowledge

Dutdur is the oldest of the Arrasgoth Pantheon and is the God of Knowledge. He was the god that created the world and blesses those he deems necessary with the gift of understanding of what they need to do.   He is a reclusive god and prefers to stay far removed from the world. However, the chaos that the other gods in his pantheon have created on the world has forced him to become more hands-on than he had anticipated at the start.   He is the only god of the pantheon to have a good alignment, compared to the others who are all neutral in alignment. He wants the best for the people and the world, and will try to guide it in a good direction, despite wanting to stay away from it all.  

Divine Domains

Dutdur is the deity of the Knowledge Domain. He oversees all seekers of knowledge. He values learning and understanding above everything else. He believes that knowledge should be discovered rather than handed to mortals, but will intervene should he feel that is necessary.  

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Dutdur's divine symbol is an open book. He is the god of writing, of passing on knowledge and for making it accessible to all. His symbol is mostly seen in libraries and places of learning, rather than in any religious settlement. The colour of his symbol is gold and so his followers will wear gold in their religious garments, or wear golden accessories.  
Divine Classification
Neutral Good
Aligned Organization

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