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Tudra Region

The Tudra Region is an area of Arrasgoth to the North East of the continent. It is found on its own island that is not attached to the mainland by anything but the sea that divides it. The Tudra Region is largely inhabitable by normal creatures, plants and beings, but is a perfect home for The Ancient Dragons. They had their main settlement inside the volcano in the Tudra Region from the beginning of their creation.


The Tudra Region could be classed as somewhat of a barren wasteland, as no fauna or flora grow upon its land other than one particular type of the flower, Blodyn Ludew, which grows at the base of the cooled lava that has pooled around the Southern Edge of the volcano, Mount Furor . The island's terrain is mostly rocky from years of lava build up into hard rock, and the land is completely filled with large and small hills, as well as the volcano. The island is surrounded on all sides by the sea so the only access to it is by boat or by flying creature, but there is nothing of true value found here.


No living creature or plant lives in the Tudra Region other than the Ancient Dragons and the Bloydn Ludew. The place has no means of food, fresh water or shelter that isn't either in extreme heat or rough terrain. Any plants that have tried to grow on the very edges of the island have soon been wiped out by the force of the lava spouting out of the volcano, or by the warmth of the sea surrounding the edges. Nothing can thrive here.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Tudra Region is not affected by the passion of the seasons and has the same consistent temperature throughout the year. The volcano activates every hundred years or so, and is due to erupt in the next year. This spreads a layer of lava over the entire region which cools enough to create another rocky layer over the top of the island. The Ancient Dragons used to spend a lot of time in and out of this area so there were no real followable patterns that could be followed with them. There is theories about how the eruptions are timed so well and it is believed that this is the impact of something the Ancient Dragons themselves have put in place.

Localized Phenomena

The most important localised phenomena of the Tudra Region is the effect that the volcano has on the island to cause it to become inhospitable. Mount Furor's eruptions and general ambient temperature has kept the island being unbearably hot at all times which then has heated up the water around the edge of the large land mass.


The Tudra Region has most of its history come from the time of being inhabited by The Ancient Dragons. The region itself has no real significant history in terms of being involved with any major events as the inhospitable nature of the region has meant that very little will visit or live there comfortable or for a long time without suffering the effects of extreme heat. It is most well known as housing The Ancient Dragons and centennial eruptions of lava.
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