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"I tried to make those in my image but I could not do it perfectly, so the humanoid versions were created. Now, they are their own race entirely."
  Dragonborn are a newly formed race that can be found in Arrasgoth, recently discovered to have been born or created by Vileagous, The Eternal in a hope to create some kin for himself when The Ancient Dragons disappeared from time itself. They are a proud race, mostly found in the Vivid Marsh and are found in a variety of chromatic and metallic colours.

Basic Information


Dragonborn look very much like descendants of dragons, with a lot of their features in common. They have scales all over their bodies, have no wings or tails, but their eyes also match those of dragons as well. They are one of the taller races of Arrasgoth, normally standing over 6.5ft tall or more. They also have clawed hands and feet.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dragonborn grow quickly compared to other races, with their young being the same size and development by age 3 as a 10 year old human child. They mature at the age of 15 normally.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dragonborn are directly descendant from a dragon so inherit the breath weapon and damage resistance of the colour of the dragon they theoretically were created to be a form of. They are able to breathe out a cone or line of certain damage depending on their ancestry.
80 years
Average Height
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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