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Omissy, Champion of the White (oh-MISS-ee)

""Omissy is a welcome return to her mantle. With her once again taking the lead, I feel a change upon the horizon."
— Unknown Source
  Omissy, Champion of the White is one of the members of The Ancient Dragons and is the currently appointed leader of the group. She was taken out of time during The War of the Skies  and returned 1000 years later in North Rock.   She was caught and trapped by an archdevil inside of the Cryptic Caves as a pet and tied up with corrupted chains to force her to fight any that came in contact. She was freed by the breaking of the chains by Freya Holliend and Alfyn Weis.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Omissy was the second oldest of the Ancient Dragons, born and created from the primordial essence that Dutdur, God of Knowledge formed. She was a calm and knowledgeable person, able to listen and reason with others. This led her to becoming the leader of the Ancient Dragons over Nega, Champion of the Green, largely because Nega did not want to be in charge. Omissy excelled at being the leader, calming most arguments but was unable to stop Breodus, the Kind and Umorian, the Gifted from twining their Ledrith Teithio.   She was pulled out of time during the war by the large portal that exploded and returned to North Rock. Before she had time to get her bearings, an archdevil trapped her inside of the Cryptic Caves. He trapped her in binding chains that corrupted her and forced her to fight anyone that dared to go near her. Alfyn and Freya managed to break the chains quick enough not to be killed and she told them what had been happening to her.   Once freed, she went straight to find Nombu, Champion of the Blue and they started collecting the rest of the Ancient Dragons as they were found by The Beacons of Hope. She wants to find all of them and hopes none have perished in the meantime.
Current Location
Date of Birth
26th of Etefin
Year of Birth
2000 BTU 3002 Years old
Skegring Sands
Current Residence
Skegring Sands
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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