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Prismatic Lasher

Within the earliest days of the Vada vasku culture the compltion of a hunt was a milestone for any member of the clans that marked the passage into adulthood. The jobs of hunting and gathering for the necessary resources was shared by all in the clan. Younger members often took on the less dangerous and routine tasks of setting and clearing small game traps. It was not until they neared the end of their adolecence that they were given the opportunity to participate in the hunt for larger game.   The First Hunt as it became known was often mimicked by the children of the Vasku Culture until they came of age and could participate. In the weeks leading up to their hunt the soon to be adults helped the active hunters to skin and prepare the weekly kills. During these tasks they were taught about the creatures weaknesses and its place in the circle of life. Respect for the creatures rise and station within the local wildlife was hightlighted.   As the meats, organs and blood were sorted and preserved the gathers impressed upon the emerging hunter how thankful the whole clan was for the creatures sacrifice to their survival. A special prayer was taught to be spoken as soon as the hunter struck the killing blow.   The creature selected by the roaming tribes of the Vrynth continent to mark the passage of clan members into adulthood was the Prismatic Lasher. This reptile lived among the low brush withing the forested southern regions of the continent. A carnivore, the lasher was a dangerous target. Quick to defend itself and deadly. Should a hunter not follow the guidance of more experienced hunters they can quickly fall prey to this animal. The most dangerous attack the Prismatic Lasher can utilize involves the animal biting firmly upon a limb or vital area like the neck. They have suprisingly strong jaws for their size. With the bite locked in place they attempt to entangle themselves with their prey. Often knocking them to the ground. Once on the ground they begin to thrash about violently with the goal of exhausting or tearing open a vital wound. If successful, they will deal a killing blow to the weakened target and call in their clutch mates to feed. Lashers mostly hunt solo and will attack in groups if their clutch or young are in danger.

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