The Rancher's Cut: Wyrm Steak

There are some select cuts of the worms that are considered a delicacy by the more adventurous surface dwellers. The ranchers have a tradition that the new owner or manager of a ranch is able to eat this prime steak cut out of the first worm harvested from the worm segment that is closest to the heart.

Due to the high profitibility of the wyrm's steak. The Rancher's Cut meal may be the only time a rancher has the chance to eat what is sold to market.

Wyrms Physiology

As with their less evolved tapeworm counterparts, wyrms are segmented creatures. Each of their segments are made of repeating organs and muscle structures. These repeating structures allow them to grow to incredible lengths with sufficient nutrition and no mortal attacks from other Wyrms.

Very few parts of the Wyrms is safe for human consumption. The four primary muscles that allow the segments to move are the only ones harvested for humans. All other skin, organs, and soft tissues are recycled into a paste that is used by ranchers to feed and sustain other Wyrms in their slaughter houses. The bones and cartiledge are use for other purposes in the creation of power cells when combined with the Mitos extracted from the petrified cytoplasm of the Hurgh walls.

Summer Camp Notes:

How does this relate to Totems of Trilenius?

It doesn't.

Future Steps

This article is separate for the WorldAnvil Summer Camp prompt. However, this is better placed in the Wyrms as it covers the physiology of the wyrms.


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