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Mana is the food of the gods, a gift from the spirit of the ether to mankind to act as a conduit that bridges the gap between both worlds. Once yearly just as the first autumnal leaves begin to fall, mana grow on the open plains and pastures in abundance. Just a small mushroom of brown or golden hue, its distinctive cap tipped with a nipple and its neat gills of brown join a think stalk. In the morning due they can be found growing in clusters and rings where dung had fertilised the soil. The spirits of the ether placing them where mankind is sure to cross their path and wonder at the bounty of the soils.    Mana are consumed as a right of passage by some tribes, the effect of the mana being seen as an introduction to the spirits of the ether, for one has not truly attained adulthood until they have witnessed the unseen and had the innocence of childhood washed away by the responsibly of true awareness of both the seen and unseen world. Mana is also consumed as part of the druidic ceremonies held at the Sacred grove One cannot partake in the ceremonies and enter the sacred grove if they have not first been initiated in the mysteries of the mana.    The druids are used to consuming the mana regularly, almost daily. On their wanders in the forests and wilderness they say that the Mana allows them to commune with the spirits of the land, and although it may seem that they are hermits, spending so much time wondering alone, they say that they are in fact never alone so long as they carry with them mana for they prefer the company of the spirits of the trees to that of men.

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