Ascending Dragon Roast

The Ascending Dragon Roast is a traditional meal for the celebration of Vitukua's ascension. It will be prepared and consumed on the Day of Ascension, as celebrated by the Draconic Wunnewalden Druids. The ingredients of the meal which will be collected and prepared by members of the Wunnekinners who want to join the druids to learn their ways of nature and magic.  

Gathering the Ingredients

  Preparing the actual meal is relatively easy, but the ingredients are very specfic and have to be collected by the young aspirant themselves.   Each year, three of the Froest's Eldest select a fruit for an aspirant to gather. The selected Stoneglow Fruit must be from a specific source of magic, only found deep within the forest. They person will be provided with a rough map as well as clear signs on how to recognize the selcted spot. Typically the desired trees have specific markings and the fruits are known to have a specific color.   There are at least a hundred different possible spots known to the Forest's Eldest. An aspirant is allowed to search for the trees before the ritual, but they will never know which will be the ones chosen at that specific day.   Successfully Finding the spot will have the aspirant face the next two challenges. They have to find a way to climb the tree and pick the usually very high hanging fruits and have to face off with guarding Dragonsparrow. While being relatively small birds, they can make good use of their magic and even breath fire, making this even task more difficult.   Luckily for the apsirant, during the day of highest magic flow - which is the Day of Ascension - the birds are more spread out among the forest and only a few birds will stay ta their favorite spot for protection. Additionally lucky, the meat of a Dragonsparrow is the second main ingredient for the meal.  

Returning to the Celebration

Plucking the fruit and carrying both it and the remains of a dragonsparrow usually will cause other Dragonsparrows to become enraged. The return to the safety of the settlement therefore must be stealthy but swift.   If the apsirant makes it home safe and without help from the druids watching over him, they will prepare the simple meal.   The sparrow gets covered in mud and put close to the fire, where it will be roasted within an hour. After which the mudshell will be broken open and the meat pulled out - conveniently plugging the bird almost completely. The fruit will be sliced and roasted over the open flame of the fire. Additional ingredients vary and are usually dependend on the settlement and the tastes of the aspirant. Usually you will find some root vegetables or mushroosm served with the meal.   The finished meal will be presented to the Forest's Elder present at the celebration. He will taste the meal and then pass it over another druid - this Forest's Sprout will then become the mentor of the new Acolyte.
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5 Jul, 2022 17:52

This is really cool! I love how it's both an adventure, a meal, and a ritual all wrapped into one.

18 Aug, 2022 08:45

How lucky it is fpr the aspirant that he also will need the dragonsparrow... well for him not so for the little bird.
But then again, if he is unlucky he will have a enraged flock of this little firebreathers on his tail while running Home.
P.S. I like it

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