The Drowning

"The Drowning makes a dwarf out of a man."
Daggid Bronzmaul — Dwarven Blacksmith, Ironheim
  The Iron Dwarves of Ironheim have a peculiar coming of age ceremony which, for the most part, is looked down upon by other cultures.   Known as the Drowning, the ceremony involves a yard of ale and a beer soaked cake.   All traditional dwarven folk aged 13 and over have been through this ritual as a way of welcoming a new brother/sister to the fold.  


  Influenced by their Kuldrithian ancestors, the Iron Dwarves from northern Elvara have been practicing the Drowning for centuries.   The name of the ritual is thought to have its origins in the phrase, ‘to drown one’s liver’, as it involves the consumption of a large amount of ale.   The ceremony is, in many respects, a celebration of key dwarven values such as gregariousness, confidence and bravery.   It is a rite of passage that many families practice as a way of introducing adolescents to the dwarven way of life and introducing them to the dwarven social scene.   Usually celebrated at a tavern or social gathering, the Drowning is an important, yet fun, ritual and is a unique part of the affable dwarven social life.  


  At the age of thirteen, a Drowning will be organised for the individual or individuals coming of age.   The young man, or woman, must attempt to drink a yard of ale in one go without vomiting and preferably without spilling a drop. The completion of this stage of the ritual earns the individual a certain amount of prestige in the community.   If that wasn’t enough, once the ale has been consumed, a traditional fruit cake made with ale (instead of yeast) must be eaten as per the tradition. The fruit in the cake will have been soaked in alcohol for at least 28 days to mature and is shared amongst guests attending the ceremony..   Certain communities have mass drownings where more than one coming-of-ager is inducted into dwarven life in the most lairy way possible.

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