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Joining the Mordena

Yukkanit Tenael

"Welcome to Janikk." Shane's voice radiated pride. "She allows us to live here as long as we respect her, and recognize that we, too, are now part of the Balance of life."   He looked down, fixing Auren with a purposeful stare. "This agreement will extend to you, as well. You're planetside now. Once you eat something, you'll become part of her planetary network. Permanently – there's no going back." The necromancer paused. "Are you certain this is what you want?"
  Those who have earned the title of Munokkael are offered the opportunity to undergo the Yukkanit Tenael, permanently joining the Mordena. This ritual ties their souls to the Tenecknaab, the ancient network joining all life on the planet, before teaching them the Mordena's closely guarded language, Morjakk. The effects are permanent, persisting across the universe and even into the Afterlife, allowing the Mordena to always recognize their own.


Shane's mind began to once again fill with the life of the planet, tentatively at first but faster and more exuberant as his mental shields continued to hold. Before long he held the entire collection within his thoughts again, a vast and interconnected balance of life and death reminiscent of his own familiar connection with the cosmic Void, this one pulsing with vibrant footpads and soft flowers rather than the chaotic dance of the waves of eternity.   He felt Janikk's pride swell across his thoughts in response to his overwhelming awe.
  The full history of the Tenecknaab is unknown, even to Janikk herself. It's been a feature of the planet since time immemorial, linking all life on Janikk to each other and forming the very basis of ancient Jannadaelox beliefs.   With the resettlement of Janikk in the era of Vazdimet, those living on the planet were no longer solely those born on the planet, meaning they did not begin their lives already tied to the Tenecknaab. To guarantee each new immigrant to Janikk willingly choose for themselves – and to maintain security of the ancient Jannadan language now known as MorjakkShane Lawrence worked with his leadership to devise the Yukkanit Tenael, "The Linking/Belonging."   Today the process is rarely referred to by its formal name, instead merely called "initiation" or "joining the Mordena."


Lieutenant Coilin laughed, pointing to one of the smaller doors on the far end of the hangar. "This way. Did they tell you how this works?"   "Commander Acer told me I'll eat something here to link me to the planet, followed by a telepathic procedure. Is there something else I should know?"
  All Mordena partake in the Yukkanit Tenael. Those choosing to join most often undergo the rituals with the individual who recruited them, completing the entire ritual in the same day. Children born to Mordena most often join the Tenecknaab with their first meal, but are not taught Morjakk until closer to six months of age.   The ritual itself is flexible, allowing for customization to meet each participant's comfort level provided the necessary steps are taken to activate the magic required. Munokkael are permitted to select their own food, which they may eat by themselves or share with their recruiter or loved ones. Sometimes meals are prepared specifically for the occasion, but food chosen for convenience is just as effective. So long as at least one of the primary ingredients is native to Janikk, and the food itself is consumed on Janikk, the Tenecknaab will reach for the new celebrant and pull them into the planetary network.   Next, the Munokkael will allow a telepathyic link with a member of the Mordena in order to learn the mercenary's highly guarded language, Morjakk. The celebrant is free to select their own Telepath if they have a preference and do not know the magic themselves; otherwise they will be provided with one for the ritual. This phase is also an exercise of trust, as the Munokkael will need to allow the Telepath access to plant new memories in their mind while they are asleep.   Once again the methods are less necessary than the final results, with some choosing to sleep naturally, and others relying upon sleep-inducing Alchemy or fresh nirkk. Knowledge of Morjakk is transferred once the celebrant is asleep, often accompanied by Galactic Common or other information, at the Munokkael's discretion. If the celebrant is a minor, their family will assist in these choices.   Those who have undergone both steps are considered full fledged Morjakkael, entitled to the rights and priviledges granted to all Mordena.
A slow cascade of memories and images flittered across Lira's mind, drawing her attention away from the fact she could feel the life all around her. That she was not alone in the bed. That when she woke up, she would officially be a Mordena.   It took much less time than she had anticipated to drift into a deep, exhausted sleep.   Feeling Lira relax, her breath slowing, Jake reached out for her with his Telepathy. <Destinee?>   She shifted slightly in his arms, her breath still quiet and even. Asleep. Reaching into his own mind, Jake found the bundled memories of his knowledge of Morjakk and shared them with Lira. "Yukkan Morjakkael, Nikkeer," he whispered into her hair, pulling her close as he prepared for sleep, cradling her gently.   Welcome home, Mordena.
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