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The Link to the Balance

The Tenecknaab links all life on Janikk, beginning with their first intake of sustenance from the planet. The full details behind this phenomenon are currently unknown, despite extensive research from Jannadael scientists. As a precaution, visitors not already part of the Tenecknaab are not permitted to approach the planet any closer than medium orbit, unless they are Joining the Mordena.  

Science of the Tenecknaab

While attempts to discover the science behind the Tenecknaab and its formation have thus far remained inconclusive, detailed experimentation has confirmed the link cannot form outside the atmosphere of Janikk. This led to many hypothesis that something in the air contributed to the effects, but eating food items on Janikk Station with air from Janikk did not produce the same effects. Likewise, these theories failed to fully account for the fact unborn infants and creatures are able to enter the Tenecknaab before their birth, simply through the sharing of nutrients from their parent or egg.  

Evolutionary Impact

Historical studies of the evolution of life on Janikk since the disappearance of its original inhabitants has shown the Tenecknaab may be a major reason why wildlife on Janikk is, on average, more dangerous than most planets across the universe. The Tenecknaab allowed the plants and animals of Janikk to develop protections against their predators, including early warnings of danger, requiring further evolution from those predators to combat each new adaptation.   These evolutionary adaptations began after the disappearance of Janikk's original inhabitants, and are considered a direct result of that disappearance. Without the ancient Jannadaelox and their genetic-altering magics to maintain the Ecknaab, life found its own, more violent Balance.  

Joining the Tenecknaab

Those conceived or born on Janikk join the Tenecknaab from the moment they intake their first nutrients from a source already linked to the planetary network, growing up without an awareness of life without the Tenecknaab in their minds.   Those wishing to join the Mordena from elsewhere, however, have a different experience. The rites to join the Mordena are a closely guarded secret, revealed only to those who have obtained the critical approvals required to do so. Known formally as the Yukkanit Tenael, or "The Linking/Belonging" in Galactic Common, the approved Munokkael will be invited to the planet to choose their first meal, tying them to the planetary network.   While an individual is not considered Morjakkael until they are taught Morjakk, from the moment they swallow their first bite of Jannadael Food on Janikk, they become part of the Tenecknaab.  

Sensation of the Tenecknaab

While each individual will experience the Tenecknaab differently depending upon when they joined and how much effort they spend to explore that connection, the basic experiences of all remain the same.  

On Janikk

Those remaining on Janikk experience the full strength of the Tenecknaab within their consciousness, including an intimate awareness of the people and life around them. The presence of their family and neighbors, their pets, the trees forming their homes, the plants and animals living on the many walkways and balconies, and even the wildlife surrounding their current city or town, are readily apparent within their thoughts.   With practice, residents of Janikk can learn to differentiate between species, and sometimes even between individuals, when they have their own personal connection.  

Off Planet

While nobody can join the Tenecknaab unless already on Janikk, the effects continue regardless of location, even into the Afterlife. This helps members recognize fellow Mordena, regardless of whether or not they have met before, but the benefit also comes with side effects.   Mordena and Jannadael traveling away from Janikk often experience a sense of longing to return to the planet, although the degree of this relies heavily upon the depths of their personal ties to the planet as well as how much life from the Tenecknaab they bring with them. The large hydroponics bays within Mordena ships serve more purpose than their usual role of ensuring the effectiveness of Curative Magic performed on the ship. It is not uncommon to see Mordena spending their breaks among the plants to help sooth their longing for home.
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