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Curative Magic

Rabert had to admit, this was a lot of hydroponics for a mere warship. Most had some, a necessity born from the limitations of magic itself. Spells required the manipulation of the appropriate magical fields, their very strength dependent upon the availability of their affected elements.   Curative Magic was highly influenced by the availability of life around the caster. The crew would count, of course, but anyone anticipating more than a basic requirement for healing had learned to bring more with them. Rabert remembered reading with Veris about how the earliest Void pioneers had attempted high-density easily-breedable options, such as ant farms or rodent colonies, only to regret their mistake once the creatures developed ways of escape to the rest of the ship.
  The backbone of a healer's expertise regardless of their specializations, Curative Magic focuses on physical cures for injury and diseases, as well as illness prevention. Curative Magic is officially classified as a specialized form of Zokinesis. As a result, while Curative Magic refers exclusively to spells intended for Sophont Species, although the basic principles can be applied in most healing-centric situations, regardless of the patients' species.   As a branch of Exoarcana, much as all Nature Magic, the possible strength of each spell is highly dependent upon the local strength of the Nature Magic magical fields, requiring spacecraft to bring their own sources of Nature Magic fields if they wish to heal their crew and passengers while traveling the Void. Most with the means keep a well-stocked hydroponics bay, often centered around medicinal plants to help replenish Alchemy supplies.


Curative Magic covers the basic spell knowledge requirements for healers and other physical health-centric professions. Many practicioners will additionally choose to expand their knowledge into other classes and specializations, allowing them to better assist patients with specific types of ailments.   Curative Magic covers an assortment of sub categories, and a student is expected to master all three prior to practicing medicine on their own.  


This category covers all spells meant to prevent sickness and medical injury. Spells include resistances to effects such as poisoning or bleeding, as well as general efforts to improve overall health.   Of note, shields and Shielding Magic are their own magical class and not included under Curative Magic.  


This class helps diagnose specific physical health issues or injuries, allowing a healer to identify the specific problems or injuries currently afflixting a patient. These spells do not directly improve the patient's health, but do allow for more accurate treatment.  


The beat known of all Curative Magic due to its active nature and more recognizable results, treatment spells directly heal injuries by stimulating the patient's body to rapidly accelerate its own natural healing processes. Spells include enhanced healing to bind wounds, improved metabolism to help expel poisons, and boosted immune systems to fight disease.   Curative Magic alone cannot heal injuries that would not eventually heal on their own. In these cases, additional treatment would be required, often with complimentary magic. Curative Magic is therefore only useful after using other means to resolve the direct issue, but once the underlying cause has been resolved the application of Curative Magic can significantly decrease recovery times.  

Complimentary Magic

An assortment of Magic classes and even mundane technologies have proven useful when applied alongside Curative Magic, allowing for superior and highly specialized spellwork.   For example, Hydromancy has proven an effective counter to blood loss, or to remove fluid from the lungs prior to treatment. Neuromancy allows for the repair of spinal column damage. Medical Dermamancy focuses on the regrowth and reattachment of skin after severe damage.   Missing limbs can be reattached only if kept in a recoverable condition, or reconstructed in a growing tank. Injuries caused by a foreign body such as an arrow require that foreign item be removed prior to healing. Genetic issues are typically best cured through alteration of the patient's own genetic code, making magic such as Zokinesis a powerful tool.   A healer's options are limited only by their creativity, knowledge, and available magical fields.
Parent Technologies
Children Technologies
Curative Magic is most effective when accompanied by a detailed knowledge of the patient's biology. The body is a complicated and well-balanced biological machine, and each patient's ideal equilibrium within that balance will manifest differently. Healers must therefore possess a detailed understanding of how that balance should function, prior to applying any alterations with their magic.

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