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reconstruction clone

The physical, soulless genetic reconstruction of an individual, reconstruction clones allow for the resurrection of an individual after their death, crafted either after that death or in preparation for the future. While tweaks can be made to the body via Zokinesis to suit the recipient's taste and requirements – and some particularly skilled individuals can even make sizeable changes – certain large portions of the genetics must remain identical to the soul's original body for the Soulbind to count as a resurrection.


While out of the price range of most people, resurrection clones are often a perk of the job in many Sparnell Confederation positions, particularly among certain military roles. They are also offered for free to any member of the Mordena, as needed, although repeated requests not pertaining to mercenary work will raise eyebrows and eventually questions.   Due to beliefs among the Space Defense Legion and the lower reliance upon magic, they are uncommon but not unknown in SDL space. The Vardan also do not have an official stance on the topic, although due to their expense their use is rare.   By contrast the Hydell Order has declared reconstruction clones illegal and against the Natural Order. Once an individual dies the body is meant to remain dead. Those approved to join the Ordained Ascended are provided new bodies better suited to the intended tasks of their next life.
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