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History of Vazdimet

The complete and unabridged history of Vazdimet.

Era of Fillimet

19999 EFT 0 EFT

Fillimet Era

  • 382 EFT
    Golding Library Constructed

    The Golding Library is built to house advancements in Magic and technology seemed too dangerous to the status quo, especially the works of Arthur Golding.

    Golding Library
  • 9 EFT
    Human Defense League Founded

    Wary of political grumblings about the Golding Library, a collection of humans gather to form the Human Defense League, with the intent to defend humanity from the perceived evils of Magic.

    Golding Library
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  • 7 EFT > 1 EVT
    The War for Enlightenment
    Military action

    Dissent at the Golding Library's stranglehold on new magical technological achievements expands into full-out war, with much of Fillimet choosing sides: Continue to contain the knowledge and prevent its falling into the wrong hands, or unleash the Library's secrets into the world. Those with less access to magic also band together in the hopes of avoiding the fallout of the conflict.

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Era of Vazdimet

1 EVT and beyond

The current spacefaring Era of Vazdimet

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