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Tactical Assault Group Team Lead

TAGs are the living necromancer tasked with leading a Tactical Assault Group. Accustomed to death, from both the repeated acceptance of their own and the mass destruction they cause to their targets, TAGs are often loners aside from their deceased team members and still living potential recruits. The sheer volume of destruction they can cause means only the most trusted individuals are permitted to become a TAG.



TAGs must be skilled in Necromancy, particularly the Hyperjump, Soul Call, and Soulbind spells. They also require an expertise in Telepathy to communicate with their team and share their experiences, and Shielding Magic to defend themselves. Most also pick up at least a basic understanding of other useful magics such as Curative or Illusion Magic, to assist in survival. Their commanding officers may request additional training to assist them in more daily tasks as well, such as Soul Oath or Soul Shatter, although these are not a required.   TAGs are not Cosmically Attuned, as TAGs have no need of the larger spells wielded by Void Mages. Endurance, on the other hand, is a valuable trait and so willingly allowing an infection with vampirism is not uncommon, although due to the high mortality rate of TAGs this is generally only utilized for more critical missions.



A TAG is a living weapon, the mortal plane manifestation of a highly skilled Tactical Assault Group, trained to jump behind enemy lines and cause as much damage as possible to weaken restance, supply chains, and resolve.   TAGs serve as the literal eyes and ears for the rest of their team, and sometimes even pull their team members to the mortal planes when necessary. They are the weakest link in their Assault Groups, but this doesn't mean they are weak. While the attacks of the average assault group ends with the death of their TAG, the most skilled TAGs can remain on the battlefield even after death, phasing themselves and their team to the mortal plane as needed before passing back into The Afterlife.   Upon death a TAG is provided with a new Reconstruction Clone to continue their efforts. TAGs are therefore rather numbed to the threat of death itself. The most reliable way to end the career of a TAG is to catch them with a Soul Shatter... Which is much easier said than done.

Social Status

Due to the power they wield and the intense loyalty they must foster with the members of their Tactical Assault Group, only the most trusted and loyal members of the Sparnell Armed Forces are permitted to become a TAG. Disloyalty is dealt with harshly and immediately, with most facing Soul Shatter. There are no retirement plans; this is a permanent posting.   As a result most TAGs prefer to work alone, with only their Tactical Assault Group and any intended recruits. Both respected and feared within the Sparnell Confederation, a TAG responds swiftly to their chain of command without question, or risks the consequences.

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22 Nov, 2021 22:36

'There are no retirement plans; this is a permanent posting.' This line kind of gave me chills.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
22 Nov, 2021 22:59

They are considered too dangerous to leave to their own devices. If they're lucky they may be able to negotiate a semi-retirement where they are on call and someone keeps tabs on them.

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These are seriously scary units. Great article!

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Thank you! I love them. I also find them terrifying.

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Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
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