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The magic of mental links, Telepathy allows for shared communications or even experiences and memories. It is a consentual magic, requiring the full awareness and agreement of everyone involved.   Like all Endoarcana class spells, Telepathy is grounded in the selg, rather than their surroundings or the universe itself. As such, the range, strength, and capabilities of Telepathy spells depend entirely on the caster.


Telepathy permits a mage to form a mental link with another individual or even a group. There are a great many options regarding the type of link, meaning the nature of the information sharing depends upon the skills and spells used to form the link.  


In its most basic form, Telepathy allows for mental communication with an individual or group. This is most commonly in the form of words, although advanced spells can include thought or visuals as well.   For telepathic beginners, communications require line of sight or even physical touch, but with practice a telepathic caster is able to develop range to reach their intended target, or even direct the message to a group of people targeted by identity or location.   Telepathic communication is always secure at the time of sending, limited to only those within the connection. Participants may choose to share their memories later, or even Crystallize them for storage.  

Shared Experience

Once a mage has mastered telepathic communication they are able to begin training to share experiences and even memories telepathically. When sharing in this way all involved parties are aware of the link, with the individual sharing the event is able to sever that link at any time regardless of their own telepathic skills or lack thereof.   This ability has proven especially popular among the many military forces across Vazdimet, particularly those in roles such as Advanced Scout. The Sparnell Confederation's feared Tactical Assault Groups rely heavily on this capability, as sharing the experiences of their TAG allows each soul to cast their own magic without a body of their own.  


Telepathy also allows a mage to master the art of languages, if permitted to link with someone who is familiar with their intended language.   When channeled, those within the link are able to understand and speak in the selected language, including any non-verbal cues such as body language, as well as the connotations behind each word due to cultural or historical influence. The Language Dictionary spell on the other hand, omits many of these other cues, providing little more than the strict meanings of each word but also full fluency with a one-time casting.

Learning Telepathy

The most difficult part of Telepathy is in sending to the correct individual. Those first learning the spell often practice by line of sight or through touch to prevent mistakes. Other methods have been adopted for casting over distance, often involving the use of an item which reminds the caster of their I tented recipient.   The spell is simple to cast, once one understands the mechanics. As a result, students of Telepathy have been known to accidentally connect with individuals they they think about often. In some cultures, such as among the close-knit Clan Kin of the Vardan, Telepathy is taught alongside rituals meant to help the student become more mindful about when they are casting.   These rituals are unnecessary for the spell itself, but have proven successful in significantly driving down the chances of accidental links. The exact nature of the rituals vary depending upon the teacher, and many carry deep cultural roots as a result.
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