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Crystallize Memory

"By the way," Lira said, changing the topic. "Ashton said yes, so I sent him over a description of the fae. Hopefully he can get back to us with something."   "Do you need an image?" Felix asked through his current mouthful of meaty porridge. "I could crystallize a memory for you."   "That would probably be helpful. I think I described him well, but an image would be much better."
  Useful for memory backup and record storage, Crystallize Memory allows the caster to save their own memories or those of a voluntary participant into a tyrellium crystal or other data storage device. The integrity of the save is only as accurate as the memories themselves.


The graphics and audio of the selected memory or memories are saved in the Mage's choice of information storage device for later viewing by anyone with access. Mages highly skilled in Telepathy, particularly this spell, are also able to save additional sensory details including those like scent which cannot be shared with viewers through technological means. In order to experience these additional sensations the viewer must interact directly with the stored data using a data retrieval spell.

Side/Secondary Effects

Saved memories can be shared with others through technological means, and even edited to change the length, remove still frames, or alter them entirely. Mages well versed in the spell will be able to detect whether or not a memory was tampered with, but not what was changed. For this reason the spell is often used for everything from recording historical or personal life events to exchanging intelligence information among trusted undercover operatives, but is not considered valid evidence for government or other legal proceedings.


When cast, the spell evokes similar experiences as other Telepathy, with the exception that Crystallize Memory can also be cast with a single participant. The sensations of shared thoughts will still be present, but as tyrellium crystal and technological devices are not sentient, their "mind" presence in the spell will remain unresponsive outside of the commands of the spell itself.
Material Components
a tyrellium crystal or other information storage device
Related School
Effect Duration
Effect Casting Time
less than a minute
Applied Restriction
Recorded memories must belong to the caster, or be gifted freely to the caster through Telepathy. The accuracy of the crystallized memory also depends upon the accuracy of the memory itself, and so it is recommended the spell be cast shortly after the event to be recorded, if at all possible.

World Ember 2023

World Ember 2023

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Dec 28, 2021 10:44 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This is a great spell. I really like the detail that memories recorded this way aren’t accepted for legal or government stuff.

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